Letting go of your possessions can often be difficult for many, even though decluttering your life could do far more good than harm. After many years of collecting gadgets, movies, clothing, or other items, you may feel overwhelmed when thinking about everything you have accumulated. Even if you did want to rid yourself of some of your belongings, where would be the best place to begin? These kinds of questions can be tough to answer, which is why we’ve compiled some of the top tips for getting rid of your excess belongings.

At All Bright Sanitation, we have provided leading waste management services to residents of Colorado since 2009. From residential and commercial trash pickup, to recycling and roll-off dumpster rentals, we truly offer the broadest variety of waste disposal options for your convenience. We make decluttering your life easy by providing oversized garbage cans and recycling bins to all of our customers. Learn about the best ways you can begin removing junk from your life today by reading our tips below.

Declutter Room By Room

If you haven’t properly deep cleaned your home in some time, you may become quickly overwhelmed after realizing that you have many more possessions than previously expected. This is a common occurrence for many, as small trinkets and other unique items can quickly accumulate to a large amount if not dealt with. We recommend beginning to declutter your home room-by-room, as this will make the challenge of throwing out belongings much more easy.

Begin by finding items that you rarely use, and then ask yourself if you use the item enough to justify keeping it. Think back to the last time you used the item, and then rationalize its importance before deciding whether you would like to keep it or dispose of it. Once you start ridding yourself of unnecessary items, you may notice that it feels good to throw away clutter, almost as if it were affecting you without you even being aware of it. This is one of the many benefits of cleaning your home of needless goods.

Give Back with Donations

After you have gathered the belongings you would like to get rid of in your room, begin sorting the items based on whether you will sell, donate, or toss them. Instead of choosing to throw away all of your clutter, first think about if someone else less fortunate could use them. For example, while you may want to donate all of your clothing to a business like GoodWill, first consider visiting your local mission or homeless shelter where those in need will immediately benefit from your donation. Not only does donating clothing or other items help those that may be struggling in life, it also feels incredibly rewarding and provides intangible intrinsic value to those who donate.

After filling your donation box, next decide if there are any items of value that you could sell. You will love having a little extra money in your wallet, and will find that selling your items will make you want to find more objects of value around your house to resell. Once you have sold or donated your clutter, next, find your nearest dumpster and throw away everything that you cannot donate or sell. This simple tip will help clear your mind and will make giving up your belongings much more feasible.

Host a Garage Sale

Neighborhood garage sales can not only attract your nearby neighbors, but also cars passing by your home. With proper garage sale signage and enough planning, you can ensure that your next garage sale goes smoothly and attracts a large crowd of eager customers.

Before you host a garage sale, begin categorizing your items into groups so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for. This will make it much easier for your customers to locate an item of interest, making it more likely that they make a purchase. You may have to be willing to negotiate the asking price of your items, as many garage sale goers are often looking for a bargain that won’t break the bank. However, don’t be afraid to accept an offer below asking price as there may not be another opportunity to sell the item in question. This rule is especially true if you plan on throwing away the items that you couldn’t sell at your garage sale.

Don’t Expect to Declutter in One Day

Rome wasn’t built in a day, which is exactly why you shouldn’t expect to completely clean your house in one day. Decluttering your garage, for example, may take an entire weekend of dedicated cleaning. This is why it is always a good idea to formulate a well thought out game plan which will outline when and where you will be cleaning in your house.

A good method to begin cleaning your house is by tackling the rooms that require the most attention. Start by writing on a piece of paper which room you plan on cleaning and how much time you are willing to allocate towards decluttering. This will give you a fairly accurate estimate for the total amount of time required to declutter your home, and will make the task at hand seem much less daunting.

The four tips listed above are a great starting point for decluttering your home, which will also declutter your mind. Oftentimes, we don’t realize how much stress needless clutter can add to our lives, which is why you should make it a habit to rid yourself of anything that you don’t use or need. If you plan on taking on a massive decluttering project, you may require a special waste management service, such as a roll-off dumpster rental.

All Bright Sanitation offers several dumpster rental services for both residential homes and commercial businesses. We have helped both families and business owners manage their waste since 2009, and continue to do so today. If you would like to learn more about any of our waste management services, or would like to receive a free roll-off dumpster rental quote, contact the waste management experts at All Bright Sanitation today!